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"I have found the Little Nashville Showcase to be very useful for my career. (I have had) the opportunity to create a rapport with people who can help me with my career. I am proud to be associated with the Little Nashville Showcase . . . I would highly recommend it to any (writer/entertainer) . ."

Hunter Hansman, Singer/Songwriter
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - 5 showcases

"I would never have been able to perform in front of the kind of people the showcase made available to me in my own back yard, on my very first trip to Nashville, I had powerful contacts and a successful trip . . ."

Walter J., Singer/Songwriter
Nashville, Tennessee - 5 Showcases

"Jolene herself actually took me to Nashville for the most exciting week of my life. We actually met with the executives of Arista, Starstruck, Curb, and Sheddhouse . . . Jolene and the showcase have helped and supported me beyond my dreams . . . if you want to go to Nashville - you've got to get involved with the showcase . . . I just can't thank you enough . . ."

Dani Lightner, Singer/Songwriter
Naples, Florida - 9 Showcases

"The Little Nashville Showcase helped me make the right contacts necessary to move full time to Nashville . . . prior to the Showcase, I had made two very expensive and totally wasted trips to Nashville. I had no idea how impossible it would be to get in to see the right people. After only three showcases I made another trip to Nashville, and armed with contacts and friendly faces, wow, what a difference . . ."

Karen Beatty & Rodeo Drive, Artist/Band
Nashville, Tennessee - 8 Showcases

"The Little Nashville Showcase has provided invaluable insight and education for serious aspiring country musicians, entertainers and songwriters in south Florida . . . through the encouragement and assistance of several of their Nashville guests, I was able to organize my own showcase in Nashville . . ."

Robin Carr, Singer/Songwriter
Golden Gate, FL - 6 Showcases

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