Industry Testimonials (Entertainer Testimonials)

"We think what Jolene is doing with the Little Nashville Showcase is a great service not only to entertainers but also to the music industry. You are attracting some talented individuals and bands . . . (Jolene) is a wonderful writer, a seasoned performer and understands Nashville today . . . listen to her, she can help."

Ramona Simmons, Director Product Development
Arista Records

I think The Little Nashville Showcase is a great idea . . . I especially liked the way all of the performers got critiqued, it is important for artists to understand their weaknesses as well as their strengths before they quit their day job . . . there is very little room at the inn in Nashville . . . the showcase is the perfect testing ground . . . it's kind of like a sounding board. Keep it up . . . when do I get to come back. I also liked two of the bands I got to critique, I have had further contact with both of them. Neither of them would have gotten through my front door without Jolene and The Little Nashville Showcase.

Russ Zavitson, President
Magna Sound
(Shedhouse, Music Mill, Millhouse, Polydor Records)

"The Little Nashville Showcase is a concept which we found to be of invaluable service to aspiring writers and performers . . . we would of course welcome any chance to return . . ."

Larry Boone, Songwriter, Publisher, Producer
Sony Records

"I have already referred one of the acts I saw at the Little Nashville Showcase to a producer at Polygram Records . . . your idea of educating new talent about the business side of music is a great help . . . I shall look forward to returning . . . "

Clay Myers, General Manager
Starstruck Entertainment

I had a great time and can't wait to come back. This is real, its work but its very worthwhile. I wish that when I was an aspiring artist something like this was available to me, in fact, other than the Little Nashville Showcase, I'm not sure that there is . . . I hope that my critiques help those that performed before me, did I say I want to come back . . .

Debbie Zavitson, Director A&R
Sony/Epic Records

". . . educating new artists is one of the most important things you are doing at the showcase . . . Curb finds most of their new talent outside of Nashville through radio stations and talent functions like the Little Nashville Showcase"

Michelle Payne, Director A&R
Curb Records

". . . what you are doing at the showcase is very important to the industry . . . new talent desperatly needs another avenue to expose their skills, as most of the traditional ones are overflowing . . . "

Ralph Murphy, Director New Projects

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