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Songtek Publishing, Inc. (BMI), and SongTrek Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP), is open to reviewing original material, even from new writers. We've had 15 cuts in the past 5 years. Maybe your song will be next. We are always looking for GREAT songs for our Publishing division. If you think you have a HIT SONG on your hands, we want to hear it. We have an open door policy with most major labels in town including Arista, Sony, Epic, Polygram, Curb and others. Read on to find out how.

Using our personal contacts, if you have that next GREAT hit, we can get it heard. You can submit material directly to our publishing company. However, you MUST have an authorization code prior to sending material. Unsolicited material will always be trashed. But if you're interested, please read on.

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We prefer to receive Fully Produced material, however, we will listen to piano/guitar vocals. But we will only present fully produced demos to labels. Forget what you've heard about Nashville. You are competing with successful songwriters who spend $400 to $700 per demo! It doesn't have to cost you that much, but it needs to sound that good. If you wish to take a piano/guitar vocal, or midi production to a label, go ahead. Our only goal is to get a cut. To do so with unknown writers (like you) we need to compete head-on.

Submit your material (songs) on cassette tape (maximum 3 songs per tape) properly labeled with typed lyric sheets. Your authorization number MUST be on the outside of the envelope. Please do NOT send any un-copyrighted material.

Normally we do NOT critique songs simply because of cost and time constraints. We receive hundreds of songs (some labels receive over 50,000 songs per year!). We do listen to them all, but we select far less than 1%. We do sometimes offer a critique if we feel you are real close or we would like to hear more from the you.

To get an authorization code, fill out the Submission Form by clicking here or below.

And please be patient, it can take as long as 60 days to receive/review your materials and get back to you. If you do not hear within 60 days, it means we decided to pass.

RULES (all are required):

  1. You must own the songs you send us. If you have a co-writer get their permission before you send us anything.
  2. Do NOT send us any songs you have already signed with another publisher. You may only have one publisher per song.
  3. Copyright your songs before sending them. A poor mans copyright is just fine. Many songs don't get full copyright till just before a cut.
  4. You must be prepared to give us 100% of the publishing rights to 100% of the song. You keep 100% of the writers royalties (or share with co-writers).
  5. All we are interested in are serious writers, who are willing to work and take direction to get major cuts. Please don't send us songs if you are not serious and willing to play by the rules.

The best way to contact us is thru Email ( We try to answer all of our Emails, but we can make no guarantees. Sometimes we get behind, leave an Email message and we will do our best.

Great line - but we do not take phone calls. We just can not call everyone back, wish we could. Use our Email!

If we like what we hear we will contact you, usually on a Friday. If we feel you are getting close, we may even offer a critique to get you a little further. No charge, just trying to help. If you are not close, you will probably not hear back, sorry but learning the skills of songwriting are up to you. It doesn't mean your songs are bad, they may be quite good, but in Nashville good won't cut it from a new songwriter. We do offer a song and artist critiquing service, contact ( for details.

If you don't hear back from us, please don't take it personal. We do NOT charge songwriters for listening to songs, we make money on cuts. We therefore can only take the best songs - less than 1%. However, if you are really serious, join either the NSAI or the NCSA, and participate, get some critiques, find one or more co-writers, and write 100 to 150 songs next year. In one year, use your original code to Email us again, we will listen.

Please forgive us if you are already familiar with songwriting and the business side of Nashville. We really do not intend to be demeaning to anyone, but many who contact us do not know, and have usually asked the same questions over and over, below we attempt to answer the most common questions. If you have additional questions, feel free to Email us. We answer as many as we can.


Published is when a music publisher (like us) agrees to help you get your song cut by an artist. It's kind of like listing your house with a Realtor. You write a great song, we present it to labels and artists who are looking for new material for an album. The details are written in a standard publishing contract. We always take full publishing on new writers. If you are experienced, meaning you have five or more major label/artist cuts, we are negotiable.

You get a form from the Copyright Office US Govt, also some post offices carry them. You can include 1 to 10 songs per form at $20 per form (1 or 20 songs). The form has instructions. Pretty simple really.

Copyright Office (US Gov't)
Library of Congress
Washington D.C. 20559-6000
(202) 707-9100

Poor Mans Copyright
You can also do a poor mans copyright. I'm not an attorney, but they say it is just as good. Put copies of 5 to 10 songs on a tape, break the record tabs on the tape. Seal it in a secure (heavy) envelope. Address it to yourself, write the names of the songs on the back of the envelope. Send it registered mail - return receipt requested. When you get it back - DO NOT OPEN IT - EVER, except if you need to in court with a judge. Keep it in a safe place ie safe deposit box. Some attorneys advise you only copyright after a song is published.

NOTE: You can NOT copyright a title or phrase. Music is eight bars. Ideas for songs can not be copyrighted. Similar lyrics are generally OK unless it is a direct obvious steal and you can prove intent to steal. By far, (99.99%) most similar songs are just accidents. Two people with no knowledge of each other with a similar idea. Every now and then, a song gets stolen - usually though by someone outside the industry. And remember, if you win, to collect any money, you must prove that the other song earned royalties. All you get is 3.3 cents per sale. Unless its a major cut, your attorney fees will far exceed the award.

Don't be paranoid! You have to expose your songs to 100's of people to get a cut. If you keet your car locked up in the garage all the time it will not get stolen. But then it didn't do you much good either. Go for it.

Nothing! We only get paid after we get a song cut. The writer(s) get ALL the writers royalties, Songtek gets all the publishing royalties. This is the industry standard and we do NOT deviate from those standards.

If you wish to compete and win in this market, with no prior experience or cuts, no track record, you must be prepared. If you really want to succeed, you must learn the craft, the business, and learn to play the game.

If you are a great songwriter, you can really succeed in this market. We, like a Realtor, are not here to build or remodel your house, or paint, or clean it up, or teach you how to do these things, we are just here to get it cut, so you can earn royalties. There are some great organizations that can help you, they are in our form letter.

We would also like to know how you found our site. We look forward to receiving your material.

Songtek Publishing, Inc. (BMI)
SongTrek Publishing, Inc.
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