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Songtek Publishing, Inc. was established in 1985. We are dedicated to helping new songwriters and artists. Our Showcases and Business Seminars have gotten rave reviews from the Major Record Labels and Publishing Companies in both Nashville and Los Angeles. Even though we are located in Nashville, we deal with all styles of music and acts. We welcome you to our home page and sincerely hope you enjoy your visit here, and find something useful.

Our Services:
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Our Publishing Company works with labels, artists and other publishers to help new song writers get their GREAT songs heard. We will listen to anyone once. Then based on your ability we will either try to work with you, or recommend how we feel you should proceed to improve your craft. Our advice is free, what you do with it is up to you. If you are looking to get your ego stroked, you are at the wrong place! We are extremely straight forward. But if you feel you have what it takes, and can hang in there with the best of them, contact us.

Our Artist Management works with new artists and bands. We will look at anyone once, send us a complete package. Then, based on your talent, we will make recommendations as to how you should proceed to meet your goals, or tell you your goals are not realistic. If you are afraid of criticism or rejection, don't contact us. We can only afford to work with the best. But if compete with those currently on radio, contact us.

Production Services - We work with some of the best studios and musicians in Nashville. Check our our Production Services page for helpful information.

The Business Seminar is a round table discussion about the business side of music by Nashville professionals, including major label executives, publishers and top songwriters. Learn how Nashville really works from the true insiders, learn how to improve your chances, learn about the "back doors" to success, learn how to prepare your "Package" properly and affordably, and begin building your own Nashville contacts. Contact for more info.

The Little Nashville Showcase is your opportunity as a new artist, band or songwriter, to perform for and meet major Nashville record label and publishing company executives. If you are an aspiring country artist, or songwriter, you can submit your package or song demos for consideration at one of our showcases. Contact for more info.

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