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It has been said that "knowledge is power", and this especially holds true in Nashville. If you are serious about your music, talent alone will no longer guarantee your success. There are literally tens of thousands of talented people, but very, very few ever make it in Nashville. Those that do approach it like a business, and if you can't compete on a business level in Nashville your chances of slim just went to none.

Nashville professionals (major labels) agree - talent is only about 20-30% of the equation - you read it right only 20-30%. Talent is assumed in Nashville. Now you have to be business savvy as well. Part of the trick to getting ahead in the music business is knowing how Nashville works, what is expected of you, and then using this wisdom to make Nashville work for you.

That's why we developed the Music Business Seminar in conjunction with the Little Nashville Showcase. Prior to the Showcase, we offer a Music Business Seminar, (where else can you go to get face to face and personal with Nashville Record Labels, Producers and Publishers).

Learn how Nashville really works from the real insiders, learn how to improve your chances, learn about the "back doors" to success. Learn how to build your "Package" properly and affordably, and then begin building your own Nashville contacts.

The Music Business Seminar is a two-three hour round table discussion about the business side of Nashville by the actual professionals who really know how it works. Come build your knowledge and skills to be able to compete when you do go to Nashville.

You will learn how to recognize a scam, and how to avoid getting taken by the "Nashville Charlatans". We will discuss the importance of Booking Agents and Managers and how to go about selecting the right one for you. We will talk about the European Market and the opportunities it presents for new or up and coming artists.

You will learn how to plan your move to Nashville when you're ready and how to get the appointments you want, and make the trip successful. You will hear from those who have made it and how. You will begin building a set of invaluable tools to give you the chance you deserve. The Business Seminar is your key to Nashville - and without it you may never realize why the doors to Nashville have always remained locked to you.

You will learn the specifics of putting your "Package" together, you will learn how to get quality photos, demos, videos, and more at the right price. You will learn how to package yourself, how to maximize your assets and strengthen your weaknesses.

If you have ever been to Nashville, and tried to get appointments with the right people, you already know how difficult (if not impossible) it is. If you have yet to go to Nashville, you are in store for a real rude awakening, just ask someone who's been there.

The Little Nashville Business Seminar is your only cost effective way of meeting the right people. Business Seminars have very limited seating and sell out quickly. So book early, once we are sold out, that's it.

The Costs
The Business Seminars cost about $295 to $395 per person. We intentionally keep them very intimate, with groups usually ranging from 10 to 20 people. It includes attendance for one (second person - manager or spouse an additional $95) at our Music Business Seminar. Continental breakfast and Lunch is usually included.  You can also schedule a fifteen-minute one-on-one with one of our guests after the seminar for an additional $95 (time permitting). For more information email Barbara at or call her at 1-888-SONGTEK (1-888-766-4835).

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