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Ricky Skaggs
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Ricky Skaggs . . . Talking with Ricky was kinda like going home again! He is one of the most down to earth stars you’ll ever meet. Bluegrass, country, gospel… tired of the major labels trying to pigeon hole him, he’s now formed his own new record label, Skaggs Family Records. His interview was so extensive and entertaining, it’s going to take more than one article to print it all! He gives a lot of insight to the music business, don’t miss any of it! I found we had a lot in common, except that he really picks and grins, while I just strum & hum.

Ricky SkaggsJL: We’re both from Ky. What part are you from?

RS: Eastern Part of Ky. A little place called Cordel Ky. It’s in Lawrence Co. There used to be a post office there, but it fell over in the creek a few years ago, so they moved the name of the place to Blane, Ky. So when I tell people I’m from Cordel they can’t find it on the map!

JL: How old were you when you started singing?

RS: I can’t even remember, my Mother says I was singing when I was about 3 years old, and I started singing in a lot of churches with my Mom and Dad. They’re pretty regular church goers, and my Dad was a welder, so he traveled a lot , back in those days you had to go North to get work, that’s where all the industry was moving to, and so he was going to Columbus Ohio and Detroit, Hammond Ind. and places like that, doing a lot of welding work for Dow Chemical, and a whole lot of refineries. So he’d try to get home on the weekends, but it was kinda hard, I mean 2 lane roads back in those days, there wasn’t no Interstate highways, there was Route 23 North and that was pretty much it. My Dad bought me a mandolin when I was 5, so I was playing pretty early.

JL: Which instrument is your favorite?

RS: I gotta say the mandolin, and the fiddle. You know I love the fiddle. That’s a great instrument.

JL: Who influenced your music career?

RS: First off the bat is Bill Monroe, I think he influenced the whole American Music Scene, probably as much as any one person in America. He influenced the early rockabilly guys, he wasn’t a sappy country singer. He really had something different about his music, it had drive, it had excitement, it had energy, he was a very big man. His stature was big, and so he almost like commanded authority just walking into a place. He was in a way almost like the first bad boy of the music business. Because he wasn’t really well educated, there was a certain amount of shyness that he had, and a lot of people thought he was arrogant and stuff, but he was really a shy person. Musically he influenced so many people. Of course I’ve had a lot of influences, Flatt & Scruggs, The Stanley Brothers, I’ve loved George Jones all my life, Buck Owens, all those guys. You know my Mom and Dad were really big influences on me listening to their music and listening to the things they grew up listening to. My Dad was a huge Jimmy Rogers fan, so I heard a lot of Singing Brakemen around my house. My Dad would sit around on the porch in the evening singing Jimmy Rogers songs, so we had a real mesh of music, having an older sister in the house. When the Beatles came out in the early '60’s I got a real blast of that, that and the Rolling Stones and the Dave Clark Five, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, people like that as I was growing up. It was just great time to be living in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s.

JL: Who gave you your first break in the business?

RS: Well I started working with Ralph Stanley when I was 15 years old. Me and Keith Whitley started about the same time with him, but that’s another story… next month!

Ricky Skaggs
Current CD: Kentucky Thunder rskaggscd.jpg (9565 bytes)
Label: Rounder Records
Venue: Blue Grass
Web Site(s): Record Label Site
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Nashville News
Grammy Grammy Awards will be given out on Feb. 25th, from Radio City, NY. Some of the nominees include (all names are clickable to their web sites) Alan Jackson, Pam Tillis, Lee Roy Parnell, Alabama, Clint Black, Diamond Rio, and Martina McBride.

Go to the: Official Grammy Awards Website.

Merle Haggard has cancelled several of his scheduled concerts, to be in a movie. We’ll keep you posted!

The Hag's Official Web Site


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wpe15.jpg (7638 bytes) Sherrie Austin will be in a fashion spread of the April issue of YM on influential young women in the music industry. Also nominated for the TNN Music City News Awards, and performing for the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon, she’s staying busy!

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Artist: Adrienne
CD: Eclectic
Label: Independent
Venue: Country/Pop
Website: Adrienne's Web Site

Adrienne is creating a stir everywhere she appears in Nashville! At only 14, we are going to see and hear a lot more from her in the future!

John Denver’s
A Celebration of Life, the Last Recordings

This is truly a timeless treasure, released by CMC/River North Records. John Denver has left behind a legacy of music that will continue forever to touch lives around the world. Add this one to your collection!

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The Atlanta Rhythm Section . . . Partly Plugged. River North Records. I know it’s not really country, but it’s just soooo good!

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A Sign of the Times . . .
. . . Below a local Bank Sign was the Marque . . .
‘Bank Tellers needed . . . No Experience Necessary’


Ricky Lynn Gregg’s -
Texas Bon Bons
From: Alta Florence, Hodgenville, Ky.

Mix 2 lb. Powdered sugar with 1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk, cup melted butter, 3 oz. Flaked coconut, and 2 cups of chopped nuts. Form into 1 inch balls, refrigerate for 1 hour. Slowly melt 12 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate pieces with bar of paraffin (don’t overcook) dip balls in one at a time (use toothpick or slotted spoon) place on wax paper until chocolate hardens. Makes 100+

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