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Ricky Lynn Gregg
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Ricky Lynn Gregg where have you been?! Definitely not ĎLost in Cyber Spaceí! Even without radio airplay the last few years, RLG still has one of the largest fan bases in country music, online and off. "After Ď95, thatís when we decided to get out on our own with our Rockiní Country style, the Internet kept our fans with us.

I donít give the credit to myself as much as I do to the power of the Internet. Now theyíre talking about downloading direct from the Internet, which I think encourages sales. The main thing is, it gets the music to the fans that they canít find in the stores.

I took a couple of years off and Iíll tell you why. I had to because I was so worn out from í92 to í97. That was a great run we had with our records. But over the past few years weíd done a lot of charity with the Trail of Hope, weíve delivered over a million dollars of products to the Indians, the Sioux reservations, the Choctaw and the Cherokee. I went on tour with George Jones, when he came back out with Choices, that was 24/7 right there. Nancy is his one choice! Sheís wonderful, she gives him the support that he needs. Itís beautiful to go to these concerts and see them together, thatís true love."

Are you married.? "No Iím not married, Iím still trying to figure that one out." Itís your sex appeal onstage, letís get real! "Oh, Jolene youíre making me blush! If thatís what I have then thatís what Iíve got, but I donít realize it. When I was about 20, I used to be a star all day. Now that Iím a little older, I like to cruise along in life now and enjoy it. I like to go fishing. I like to live life the way normal people live it. But I really appreciate it, when the fans whoop and holler, whether itís because of my music, or my act, or whatever the reason!"

Youíre also a good cook! "Do you think so?" Your recipes in Joleneís Kitchen are good. "Hey, Iím on a new diet! Itís not really a diet, itís a way of eating. I eat according to my blood type. Iím type A. Thereís 4 blood groups. Each blood type has their own particular thatís beneficial to their blood. I lost 23 lbs. in 4 weeks. I wasnít going out exercising, I wasnít trying to burn up extra calories, it was just changing my eating habits. I cut out a lot of things, I feel better, I have more energy, my joints feel better, my eyes cleared up, my skin got clearer. Itís the way to go for me!"

Okay, Iím O+, what should I eat? " Do you know that meat induces weight loss in O type blood. Do you like meat?

If you eat meat, like one of these high protein diets, your metabolism will kick up and youíll burn fat. Now, type A, if you eat meat once a week youíll gain a pound for every ounce you eat. Check out the Bloodtype diet on the Internet!"

So do you have a cotton tail and growing ears now? "Ha! I tell you, Iíve eaten so much lettuce I have grown the cotton tail, Iím working on the ears and my XMAS next year, I should have the fur! But, let me tell you the good news of late, Iíve just finished my album. It was co-produced by myself, Eddie Gore, and Barry Beckett. For those fans who donít know Barry Beckett, heís incomparable. Heís produced Michael Bolton, Bob Dillion, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, Kenny Chesney, Hank, Jr. Lorrie Morgan, and Confederate RR, just to name a few. So Iím blessed to have one of the hottest producers around. The new album is coming out on RMG Records. RMG is a new label. They now have Eddy Raven, Don Williams, and a new duo called James/Dean. So Iím in good company. The first single is ĎCareful What You Wish Forí. I wish for lots of money! I put out 2 albums, 7 singles, and six videos on Liberty Records and after 5 years at that label I walked out and didnít have a nickel. Hopefully this time Iíll get to retain some of the money! So I could actually pay my bills and support my diet. But seriously, weíre real excited by the music. I listen to music on radio today and some of it I like, some of it I donít. This is music for the people. Thereís been a conspiracy out there. People have been neglected. The industry and certain consultants havenít given the people the music they want and desire. Sales have been down. Itís left a lot of great acts in limbo over the last few years. Lucky for me my fans have always been there for me!"

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Jamie OíNealís ĎShiverí 
on Mercury Records. If you liked ĎThere is no Arizonaí, go buy this album. You wonít be disappointed. Thereís a lot of ballads, but Jamie has the chops to deliver each unique song, so you wonít be bored! Check with your store and see if they have her calendar also!


When you get Chris Cagleís new CD on Virgin Records, youíll agree ĎPlay It Loudí! According to Chris, his life has been full of passion and grit. That sums up his music style pretty well. His first single, "My Love Goes On and On" is just the beginning of a chart career for this young man.
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Sign of the Times . . .

I think about exerciseÖ
I think itís a figment of my imagination

Oak Ridge Boyís ĎRanch Style Bean Saladí
1 can Ranch Style beans
1 small can taco sauce
Ĺ cup finely chopped sweet bell pepper
Ĺ finely chopped medium onion
Ĺ cup shredded cream cheese
2 tbls. Taco seasoning
1/3 tsp. Garlic salt
2/3 cup boiled ham, cut in small chunks.

Mix the above ingredients, and just before serving add 1 cup fine cut cream cheese - 1 medium sized tomato, chopped Ė 2 cups Doritos broken up. Toss together and serve.

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