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March 1998
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The Ricochet
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It was ‘Daddy’s Money’ that made them a household name. With the success of their latest album ‘Blink of an Eye’ racing up the charts, it looks like they’re gonna be around for a long time. Lead singer Heath Wright says, "I just wish people could spell ‘Ricochet’." Well Heath, I had a small advantage as I grew up reading westerns by Zane Grey and Louis Lamour. Ricochet can hear their music careening off the walls of just about every club, and honky-tonk around the world. Radio and fans love them, which the guys attribute to their selection of songs, and their high energy show.

HeathThe band is made up of 6 guys: Heath Wright, lead guitar/vocals, and Greg Cooke on bass, are both from Oklahoma. Jeff Bryant drummer and his brother Junior Bryant on fiddle are from Pecos, Texas. Teddy Carr on steel guitar is from TN., and Eddie Kilgallon is from upstate New York.

TeddyJeff said " We’re from all over the country, so we have all kinds of different influences. The guys from Texas & Oklahoma were influenced by the older country and western swing styles, like Bob Wills. Teddy listened to Marty Robbins, Eddie from NY listened to a lot of Elton John, Billy Joel, and Barry Manilow. OH! Should I have said Barry?" According to Eddie, "It’s okay, he’s a RICH man!

It’s sort of an ‘amalgamation’ of influences you might say." The guys in the background had a lot of fun with this 50 cent word. "Amalgamation..amalgamation, did you hear that, now that’s a good word!" Don’t worry Heath, I looked it up, so I’d spell it correctly.

The guys must get along great, especially with as much touring as they do. " We spent 300 days on the road this year, that gives us a lot of time for rehearsal. When we’re home, it seems we’re split up to do media. Greg has 3 children, and Eddie K just had a new addition. We try spend as much time as we can with our family."

EddieTo an artist, their bus is home away from away. Being out on the road as much as they are, I knew Ricochet had to have some good road stories for us. When I caught up with them in the Chicago area, they had quite an adventure just getting there. "We don’t encounter as many road stories as we provide. We’ve been through 3 buses in a week! That’s sort of an unpleasant experience whenever you’ve got to be somewhere overnight, and the bus decides it doesn’t want to go anymore. The bus is your house, when the new bus comes out you’ve got to move…you’ve got to move everything! So it’s a 3 hour venture, and you’ll change your address, phone number, all that stuff. Then call your Mom & Dad, hey I got a new address, the bus is red now!"

No wonder they eat a lot of burgers on the road, they’re too busy moving to have a sit down dinner.

"Being out on the road is more of a full time job than we make it seem. The secret is to go up on stage and make people think that it’s just all easy, and it comes natural. That part of it does, but the rest of your day is just business and getting places, and swatting flies."

JRSince their new album has hit the airwaves, I don’t think Ricochet will have much time to swat flies. The first single off the album ‘He Left a Lot To Be Desired" gave the group their 5th top 20.

It seems that Greg is just a little bit superstitious when it comes to their success. "The second single released was ‘Blink of An Eye’, and it’s doing very well, knock on wood. With a little bit of luck, we’re going to try to make it another ‘Daddy’s Money’."

By the time Ricochet had found the right 6 guys , it was Feb. ’94. It took them a couple of years of hard work to get that ever illusive record deal. Since Columbia Records released Ricochet’s first song, they’ve been awarded the ACM new vocal group, nominated for the CMA vocal group of the year. They attribute their success to the fans. "When you look out here and see how many fans that country music really has, it blows your mind to think your music is reaching that many people. It certainly makes you feel good when you step out there , and you see them singing all the words. Like when the Country Weekly fans voted us the new country group, the first time on the Opry, and when we found out ‘Daddy’s Money’ went #1. It’s been an exciting 1 years for us. But today, the main thought running through my mind …was I wish I had turned on my ear monitors!" Fans will be hearing a lot more from Ricochet!

CD: Blink of an Eye ricoch.jpg (16467 bytes)
Label: Columbia
Venue: Country
Web Site(s): Official Site
Email: Ricochet
Nashville News
March 15th- Celebrity Football game at Nashville Arena. Some of the players in this All Star line-up are Ricky Lynn Gregg, Paul Brandt, Gary Chapman, Kippi Brannon, Steve Azar, Linda Davis, Mila Mason, Matt King, Mark Wills and George Ducas.
Perfect Stranger’s new album will finally hit the stores in March. They debuted their first single off the album ‘The Truth is Lyin’ Next to You’ at the Wildhorse Saloon. The audience loved it, we hope you do too.
At the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) Shania Twain, Randy Travis, Wynonna, and John Michael Montgomery had the longest lines during the Artists Radio Taping Session. Since the Grammy’s were being presented in New York the same day, a lot of artists were missing in action.
Hot New Artists & Albums
One of the all time Bluegrass greats, Ralph Stanley, has come out on Rebel Records, with the long awaited ‘Short Life Of Trouble’, Songs of Grayson and Whitter. Ricky Skaggs (see Ricky's interview) praises Ralph Stanley for giving him , and Keith Whitley, their big break in the music business. Get your copy today! ralphs1.jpg (1864 bytes)
BHigh2.jpg (4685 bytes) From Rebel Records, Blue Highway, has released a new Bluegrass album ‘Midnight Storm’. As with any storm, emotions run rampant, from ‘I’d Rather Be a Lonesome Pine’ to ‘Pikeville Flood’. This will be one you can’t turn off.
Artist: Adrienne
CD: Eclectic
Label: Independent
Venue: Country/Pop
Website: Adrienne's Web Site

Adrienne is creating a stir everywhere she appears in Nashville! At only 14, we are going to see and hear a lot more from her in the future!

A Sign of the Times . . .

The way to a woman’s heart is through a restaurant door

Alan Jackson’s ‘Southern Corn Bread’
1 cups self rising cornmeal
1 cup buttermilk
1 Tbl. Flour
1 Tbl. cooking oil
1 egg

Mix well. Pour into 8 inch iron fry pan (spray with Pam) and 1 Tbl. Cooking oil evenly over pan. Bake at 450 about 20 minutes, until brown. Serve hot.

Jolene’s variation:
Add 1 Tbl. Sugar

Jolene LaVeaux is a resident of Naples, FL. & Nashville, TN.
Mike Rosenwasser
is our Chicago Correspondent and a resident of Chicago, IL
E-mail your ‘sign of the times’ & recipes to Jolene
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