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Mark Wills
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Mark Wills . . .   

 It’s time for CRS again! The Country Radio Seminar, which I call the ‘Can’t Remember Stars’ Convention! While I’m there I’ll try to get all the latest news of which acts have moved to what labels, so you can keep up with them! From the emails I get, it very evident that all of you fans have a favorite artist that you’d like to know more about. If we all liked the same music it would be a boring world! I just wish there were more than 12 months in a year, so I could write about all of them! One of the hottest acts on Country Radio today, is Mark Wills! He payed his ‘dues’ and worked his way into the business by playing for 5 ½ years at the Buckboard Country Music Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent years driving back and forth to Nashville as a demo singer, just to get his voice heard. One of the demos that Mark did, that you might have heard of, was ‘Politics, Religion, and Her’, which Sammy Kershaw cut.

Mark seems to have a knack of picking great songs to sing. With ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ he started climbing the charts and never looked back. "I remember I was driving home from Nashville and heard myself on the radio for the first time. I had that stupid grin. You know the one, where someone could walk up and stick a gun in your face and say ‘quit smiling’, and you’d just have to say ‘Go ahead and shoot me’, ‘cause I couldn’t quit smiling! My first album was not as much what I would really want to sing, as choosing the right thing to sing. We concentrated on making it ‘radio friendly’." It was very radio friendly, Mark Wills soon became a household name with the string of hits that followed. ‘Places I’ve Never Been’ was soon at #3 (only because Tim McGraw refused to move out of #1). But that didn’t slow Mark down. He kept climbing until ‘I Do’ reached that ever illusive #1 spot!

"On the second album, I wanted to do songs that were more heartfelt, not necessarily focusing on whether or not they were radio friendly. We put a lot of different types of songs on that album. ‘Don’t Laugh At Me’ took me back to my childhood. It was turned down by a lot of acts, because they weren’t willing to take the risk. To me, I couldn’t write a song any stronger. My job as a singer is to take a song and sell it to the people. This song affects people of all ages, races, so many aspects of life that it goes beyond a lot of boundaries. ‘Wish You Were Here’, which was #1 for an incredible 3 weeks, is not a sad song! I feel when you leave this world, you go to a better place. I wouldn’t put a song on an album, unless it meant something to me."

At CRS last year, Mark re-enacted his debut on the Grand Ole Opry. "I’ve never been afraid of anything, but I was scared to 

death, and excited at the same time. My knees wouldn’t stop shaking, I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it across the stage. It was really cool! Every show we do has something good that happens, but my favorite show to do is the ‘Christmas For Kids’ benefit in Atlanta. I love kids!"

Mark’s new album has him ‘Permanently’ climbing that ladder again. The album was completely finished when ‘Back At One’ was brought to Mark. Needless to say he went back in and cut it! This album is somewhat autobiographical, with the song ‘In My Arms’ written about his love for his daughter Mally. About ‘Rich Man’, Mark tells us ‘If you have love, you’re a rich man. Kelly and Mally are everything to me."

His other loves include; " I love golf!! I just don’t get to play as often as I’d like." He did demonstrate his swing for me, and if looks count, he’s definitely a contender!

"I love Chinese food! I cook a lot of stir fry at home. I just wish I could find a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t use celery, they must put 3 lbs in every dish…I hate celery!"

I really hated ending this interview! Mark Wills is really a funny guy to talk to! "I just want all the fans to know that before we go on stage, we don’t do any ‘mental’ preparation. We just go out there and have fun with it, and we hope they have fun too!"


Hot New Artists
Tracy Lawrence . . .
 is working his way up the charts with ‘Lessons Learned’. Tracy co-wrote a lot of the songs for this album. "It’s very personal. I hope this album allows you to know and understand me a little bit better."

My ‘hot picks’ to call your radio station to play are ‘Long Wet Kiss’, ‘Up All Night’, and ‘The Holes That He Dug’. Of course, we’re all very opinionated! You’ll have to get the album, and choose your own favorites!

Wynonna . . . 
always seems to have a ‘New Day Dawning’! With every album, she comes onto the music scene and shakes it up. (I think Wy was the original Scarlett O’hara) She’s a ‘groovy’ lady! "I drive a lot, so I’ve road tested these tunes for months." I have to agree with her, these are good cruising songs! A great mix of rock, blues, gospel, and a little country thrown in for good radio mileage! Give the girl 4 stars for her first time at producing her own music. You GO girl!
Doug Stone/Make Up In Love
For all the time he's been missing on radio, Doug can 'Make Up In Love'! That's just the beginning of the string of hits you'll be hearing from his new CD. Doug's remake of 'Take a Letter Maria' is definitely worth a call to your radio station. He's now the National Spokesperson for The American Heart Association. Songs like 'Not Me' and 'Surprise', give us all reason to reflect and take inventory of our lives!
Lee Roy Parnell/Hits and Highways
Ahead is already off to a great start with the release of 'She Won't Be Lonely Long'. One of the top requested videos on CMT! Lee Roy is a master musician and entertainer. This CD is filled with some of his greatest hits 'Love Without Mercy', 'Tender Moment', and you can bet 'If The House Is Rockin' Lee Roy Parnell's CD is playing!
Indy's come join the Artist's marketing their Tapes/CD's at, and advertising at
Snail Mail: 9 Music Sq. S. Suite 361,Nashville, TN. 37203
Sign of the Times . . .

A Conclusion . . . 
. . .
is the place where you get tired of thinking!

Suzy Bogguss’ 
3 ripe tomatoes
1 small mild onion
1/4 cup cilantro 
3 dark green jalapenos 
2 tbls. Lemon (or Lime) Juice
A dash of salt

Remove seeds & chop jalapenos, add 2 tbls. Lemon  juice, and a dash of salt. Mix ingredients and refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Enjoy!

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