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Hank Cochran
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Hank Cochran …
I know a lot of you are going ‘Who’s that?’ With the recent loss of Waylon Jennings and Harlan Howard, Hank is one of the chosen few remaining that can be truly be called a living legend. You have listened to his songs on Pop and Country radio stations for over 5 decades. Over the years he has been signed to RCA, Electra, Capitol, and Monument Record Labels. I jokingly told Hank that he has outlived most of the record labels in town. He just laughed. "If the lord wants me he knows where I am. He’s had the chance to take me a whole bunch of times. That’s the way I feel." The ‘Gifted Few’ is the name of his record label. ‘Livin’ for a Song, A songwriter’s biography’ is the name of his new album. "I decided to do an album for myself. I’m also working on a gospel album. I’ve come full circle, back to the country I came in on. If I was working a job and got paid by the hour for the time I put in, I’d be making a lot more money than I am. A dedicated songwriter puts in his whole life to it."

The first single released, ‘Livin’ for a Song’, jumped to #21 on the European Top 40, within 2 weeks. Sadly, you probably won’t hear it in the U.S. "It really knocked me out when Ralph Stanley won that Grammy. They (U.S. radio stations) are going to have to go back to real country. But Ralph winning was really great, it may jerk some of them in line… I hope."

 I can’t name them all, but here’s just a few of Hank’s songs that have won him acclaim: I Fall To Pieces, The Chair, Little Bitty Tear, Funny Way of Laughing, She’s Got You, Why Can’t He Be You, Ocean Front Property, Make the World Go Away. And I do stress that these are just a few. Over 88 major acts have recorded Hank’s songs. Hank had 22 songs on the Ray Price Boxed set, 7 songs on the Patsy Cline boxed set, and 3 songs on the George Strait boxed set.

"As successful as you’ve been as a songwriter, you’re probably just working now because you want to work?" "Yes Ma’am. It keeps me alive and well. That’s why I’m doing it. I’ve been so called ‘retired’ 3 times, every time I did I got sick. One time I bought a boat and went to the Bahama’s for like 6 years, and Willie came down there and said if he had to work, I had to work. Or they were going to quit mentioning my name and cutting my songs, and all that. I said, Dang that’s a little harsh Willie!" "Willie probably just wanted you to write him another song." "That’s right, and we did, for Honeysuckle Rose." Hank had 3 songs on that album and a cameo appearance in the movie. Willie and Hank have a very special bond. What did Hank see in this young man that everybody else overlooked?

"How did you end up being the one to sign Willie Nelson to a writing deal?" "Cause nobody else would! I thought he was great, and proved everybody wrong. We were sitting up in back of Tootsie’s and passing the guitar around and singing songs. When it got to him, he sang a song, the second time it came around to him, and he sang a couple more. I said whose songs are those? He said mine. I said who’s your publisher? He said I don’t have one, nobody wants them. I’ve been to everybody in town. I said Whoa, you ain’t been to everybody. I asked him if he could get out to the office the next day and he said, Yeah, if you can get me back. And he came out there, driving an old green Buick. I talked to Al Smith who was running the company, and he gave Willie my raise, so he could sign him.

Hank, a lot of your single songs have been cut by 20+ artists! "Yes, and I’m adding heavily to that number this year. They’re doing a Patsy Cline tribute album, and some of the biggest country and pop acts will be on it. Natalie Cole is doing ‘I Fall to Pieces’, and Lee Ann Womack is doing ‘She’s Got You’, and I think Allison Krauss (I love her voice!) is doing ‘Why Can’t He Be You.’ They didn’t know who was going to do ‘You’re stronger than me’. I’m supposed to have 4 or 5 songs on there. There’s also a new album coming out on Darryl Singletary, he just cut ‘A Eleven’."

Yes, Hank is a very busy man…a living legend…and he’s still ‘Livin’ for a Song’.

To buy Hank’s CD, or to purchase his tape for aspiring songwriters, check out


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Mike Lounibos is racing up the European charts on a ‘Full Tank of Love’. I’m happy to say I knew him ‘back when’ he was just another songwriter, and demo singer in California. This debut album is a great buy, because it has 12 great songs on it! (To purchase CD), or:
Ten Rounds’ is Tracy Byrd’s eighth album! Tracy said his fans, better known as ‘Byrd Watchers’ are an inspiration to him. "They’ve been there since the beginning. They’re still here." Fans love Tracy’s albums because they’re full of great songs, no fillers! "I don’t like any weak spots in a song. We’ve got a little more rockin’ stuff on there, and some more great ballads." With songs like ‘Summertime Fever’ and ‘Wildfire’…on a scale of one to ten, Ten Rounds is a Ten!!
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It’s very soothing to the throat!

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