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The Country Radio Seminar . . .   

Billy Ray Cyrus proved once again that he will literally give the sweat off of his brow to help a child in need! After his show for his new label Sony/Epic, he autographed his stage towel, and gave it to us to auction off. According to his wishes, all proceeds will all go to St. Jude’s. For more details on how you can make your bid for Billy Ray’s autographed stage towel, email  

The Dixie Chicks (Emily, Martie, Natalie), were the talk of the town, and CRS! When one of the panels started discussing their new release ‘Goodbye Earl’ the lights went out at the convention center and we were all ask to evacuate the building! EERIE! Everybody was yelling ‘Goodbye Earl’ as they went out the door! A lot of DJ’s said they took it as a sign that they should play the song !

Travis Tritt came on stage and did a solo act of some of his new material and #1 hits. I didn’t know he could play the guitar so well! He said it was great to be with a label who had some ‘fire in their belly’, referring to Sony/Columbia.
 When Travis talked with me later, he said to tell everybody in Florida that ‘There’s no place I’d rather be than out in the middle of Lake Okeechobee fishing! I will be back!’ And yes, he still cleans his own fish.

When I got together with John Michael Montgomery for a picture, some folks were checking us out to see who had the deepest dimples. I concede, it’s definitely him! John Michael’s dimples were even deeper when Waylon Jennings joined him on stage to sing ‘Nothing Catches Jesus by Surprise’. Waylon had him laughing so hard, John Michael had to bury his face in his hands!

His brother Eddie was laughing a lot too as Montgomery / Gentry received their first Gold Album award and toasted radio onstage at the New Faces Show! Have Brooks and Dunn met their match in the new millennium ? 

John Michael said their sister Becky has had to put her singing career on hold, due to the arrival of her new baby boy! Wonder if he cries in tune? Congratulations!

 The Kinley’s shocked the audience at their show, by announcing that Radney Foster is now their new producer. They wanted a new ‘edge’ on their music. Best of luck to Jennifer and Heather in their transition, but I must admit I loved the style of their first producers Russ Zavitson, Pete Greene & Tony Haselden. I’d also like to congratulate Tony on the release of Michelle Wright’s Greatest Hits from Arista/Nashville. Tony wrote ‘Take It Like A Man’, which is an all time classic!

The new female voice that made everybody at CRS snap to attention, was Tammy Cochran at Sony/Epic. Listen up for her new single ‘If You Can’. There are so many new male acts, it’s going to be survival of the fittest! I would say the main contenders are: Andy Griggs/RCA, Keith Urban/Capitol, Brad Paisley/Arista , Craig Morgan/Atlantic, and Tim Rushlow/Atlantic. Tim Rushlow was the lead singer for Little Texas. My pick off his album is ‘Then There Was Me’.

Some may remember Keith Urban as the lead singer for ‘The Ranch’, his current hit is ‘Love Thing’. If you like that Australian accent, wait ‘til you see him play live!



Brad Paisley was nominated for several ACM award categories including best song for ‘He Didn’t Have To Be’. He is a class act. And a sharp dresser!


Brad, Keith, and Andy were 3 of the acts chosen for the New Faces Show.

SHe Daisy was the only female act selected to perform. They held their own in the male dominated show!


It was said that Craig Morgan has ‘Something to Write Home About’. He’s signed with Dan Marino’s Management Company. This statement was unclear, as to whether Dan has started his own company, or if they’re just signed with the same company. I’ll keep you posted!

Andy Griggs, ‘Bam Bam’ what can I say! 

You’re great! Just keep those hits coming!


Alan Jackson performed for the Super Faces Show. The audience was taking bets as to whether or not he would have the guts to end his show with ‘Murder on Music Row’ at a radio convention. Sadly, he didn’t. If your station isn’t playing it, request it! Rumors are flying around town, that when Arista/Nashville closes, Alan will start his own record label.


Tracy Lawrence made an appearance at the Atlantic show. He didn’t perform, but they did play his new video ‘Lessons Learned’. I hadn’t seen Tracy since the IFCO show in June, so it was great to catch up with him again!


Some of the best acts I saw were acts that are not on a major label at this time. I’ve waited a year to interview Janie Fricke and get my copy of her new CD ‘Bouncin Back’. This lady is awesome. You can get her new album at She will also be in a new ‘Ladies of the ‘80’s’ tour, with Juice Newton and Lacy J. Dalton. Catch it when they’re in your area! The Great Divide said they would still like another major label deal, cause they’re not a household name YET! But they will be!

 Paul Overstreet has his new gospel album out ‘Living By The Book’, and is working on another country album. Although his kind of songs are not considered ‘new country’ radio material these days, Paul said his kind of music will come back around. I told him that I call the new stuff ‘cookie cutter’ material. He said they don’t make enough ‘dough’ to make him a cookie cutter!

Another act that agrees with him about doing their own style of music is Perfect Stranger. They’ve put out a new CD ‘Absolute Crazy’. Call 800-337-2931 to order!


Rambler opened up for them at Hooters, debuting their new song, ‘I won’t drink anymore’, can’t wait ‘til it comes out! It’ll have you on the floor, in more ways than one! Tim & Dave say ‘Bring on the major labels! And more wings!’


Hot New Artists

The Bellamy Brothers are now with Charlie Daniels ‘Bluehat Records’ label. They seem to be touring everywhere on this ‘Lonely Planet’! They can’t be lonely, they’re always surrounded by fans. 

Their new CD is a smash. How can you lose with songs like ‘Vertical Expression of Horizontal Desire’? Especially with Freddy Fender joining you! If we ever get around to finishing our co-write guys, I’ll join you too!
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Sign of the Times . . .





1 cup grenadine-1cup triple sec-1 pint brandy-1 pint strong tea- 1 (2 liter) bottle of 7-UP-2 bottles of dry champagne

Mix ingredients. Do not mix in champagne and 7-Up until you’re ready to serve. Serve over ice.

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