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At this time of the year I always feel guilty. There are so many great acts to write about during the year and only twelve months to do it in. I’m going to let you use my XMAS shopping list as a guide. You may recognize the description of a relative or friend!

 For my pure redneck brother, George B., who smokes, cusses like an ex-Army man, can shoe his own horses, runs barrel races at the local rodeo, goes coon-hunting every weekend no matter how bad the weather is, struggles to make ends meet and still keep his farm, works on helicopters at Ft. Knox, loves his kids and wife, and is smart enough to admit she’s the bossIf this description fits any loved one that you know, I suggest

Aaron Tippin’s ‘Kiss This’ and Chris LeDoux’s ‘Cowboy’ Chris wants everyone to know that despite all the rumors that he died when he had his liver transplant, he is alive and kicking, just not quite as high right now. ‘He Rides Wild Horses’ will soon be hitting the airwaves on a radio station near you.

For my youngest brother, Sam E, (we all think he needs some Sam-E too) he insists on doing everything himself, will not ask for help, learns by trial and error, spent 10 years driving an Army tank, dresses like a roofer (which he is) but shows up to funerals in a custom tailored suit (didn’t recognize him without his chew of tobacco), for this jack of all trades I chose: Chuck Wagon and the Wheels ‘Off The Top Rope’, and Confederate Railroad’s ‘Rockin’ Country Party Pack’.

For my older sister (When I say she’s older, I’m not allowed to tell you her name!) But, I can tell you Trace Adkins is her favorite country singer. She has many of her paintings adorning the walls of several banks and restaurants in Louisiana. After years of managing restaurants she was injured on the job. She thought life was over, but in fact a new one was just beginning. She and her husband have one daughter still at home, and are now foster parents to another young girl they hope to adopt. On top of all this, she’s spent the last few years going back to college to get her degree in marketing. Life’s never easy for her, because she takes on so many tasks at once. Her theme song should be ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’. Therefore, my choice for her is BJ Thomas’ new album ‘You Call That A Mountain’.

For my younger sister Pat, who works long hard hours as a nurse, adopted one little girl and has acted as a foster parent to other children, is basically a ‘hunting season widow’, I offer up an album guaranteed to give her a well deserved laugh: Kacey Jones ‘Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay, or Dead’

For my Mom and Dad, who started taking guitar lessons in their 60’s, play down at the senior citizens hall on Saturday nights, would give you the shirt off their back, has now gotten into raising goats (that’s another story), raised 6 kids in a 4 room house, worked two jobs and then came home to work on the farm, go to church on Sunday, I chose: Farm Aid Volume I Live and Jim Nabors ‘When He Spoke’, and because my Dad is such a Bluegrass fan, Dolly Parton’s ‘The Grass Is Blue’.

My niece Wendy is getting married in June. Because ‘It’s A Love Thing’ who else but Keith Urban could fill that stocking?

To my son Greg, who’s good looking, (And he’s single girls!), in the Navy, stationed in Connecticut, nothing’s more appropriate than Jamie O’Neal’s ‘Shiver’, and NSYNC’s ‘Home For Christmas’.

To my stepson Tim, who’s good looking (sorry girls he’s married), also in the navy, stationed in Connecticut, likes music of the Alternative Style, Sonny Landreth’s Levee Town and The Gourds (both on Sugarhill Records) fit the bill.

To my father-in-law Frank, who loves golf, Golf Brooks comedy album ‘Golf’s Greatest 18’ (buy it at I hope some of these suggestion help you when you’re shopping for XMAS, birthdays, or other special occasions during the new year ahead! Happy Holidays!

Hot New Artists & Albums
Terri Clark’s ‘Fearless’
(Mercury Records) In her search for ‘The Real Thing’, all Terri needs is ‘A Little Gasoline’. In making this album, Terri said I’m going to ‘Take My Time’. She had ‘No Fear’. After all ‘Getting There’ is all the fun! I’m not going ‘To Tell You Everything’. (I’ve given you plenty of hints!)


SHe Daisy ‘Jingle Bells’ 
with Celtic spice! This may well be the best XMAS album of the new millenium! Hey, ‘Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag’! Make sure this album ends up in your shopping bag!
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Sign of the Times . . .

Only Santa Claus truly knows who won the Presidential Election…and he’s not telling!

Ferlin Husky’s ‘Mince Meat Pie’

Ferlin’s Guestimates: Just throw in how much you like!

2 lbs. raisins
1 lb. Currants (washed & dried)
½ lb.Citron
2 Tbls. Grated nutmeg
1/8 oz. Grated cloves
1 lb. Sugar
¼ oz. Cinnamon
1/8 oz. Mace 
½ tsp. Salt 
½ quart brandy 
juice of 1 orange & one lemon 
1 lb. Beef suet 
2 lbs. chopped Granny Smith apples

Mix all together. 
Makes 2-3 pies. 
Pour in pie crust(s) and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

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