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Danny Shirley
Confederate Railroad
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Danny Shirley has been right on track for almost 20 years with Confederate Railroad. They played for years in Atlanta at Miss Kitty’s, picking up hot numbers as they went…band members!. Bet you were thinking ‘Trashy Women’! Contrary to popular belief, Danny didn’t write that song. "I heard that song on a radio station about 4 o’clock in the morning. It kept fading in and out, and I could only hear about every other line. I could tell it was Jerry Jeff (Walker), he’s huge in Texas. But when you get out of there, people don’t get the chance to hear his work. The song was written by Chris Wall. He wrote in one night in a club, based on some of his ‘experiences’. We started doing it in our live shows. When it came out, the ‘market research’ said that it was offensive to women 40 and over. But at our live shows, these were the people who were requesting it the most, and having the most fun with it. The label said it would never be on radio. Radio said it would never be on radio. The public made it a single. They just kept requesting the song until they made it a hit." Mark Chesnutt told Danny "Man, you do everything that’s just the opposite of what supposed to work in this business, but it works!"

 The public always expects something different from Confederate Railroad. Danny said they don’t worry too much about radio. "We do 150-180 dates a year. Our crowds are still there. Country Music, and radio, go through changes. For a while the typical country love song was dominating the airwaves, and there wasn’t a market for the type of stuff we do. We decided that instead of putting out material that would never be heard, just not to do anything. It would come back around. After enough calls from radio stations saying they needed something ‘fun’ on the radio, we decided it was time."

Has Danny changed? No, just his hair-do. Or should I say UN-DO. The long dark curls are gone ladies! I caught up with him at Fan Fair where he was showing it off. Some of the record executive’s backstage were even asking, "Who’s the new lead singer for Confederate RR?" Danny told me "It was so hot, and onstage it’s even hotter. I asked my wife if she would love me if I didn’t have any hair. She said yes, so off it came! Our image is not dependent on hairstyle or clothes. We’ve never made the ‘Most Beautiful People List’ that’s for sure."

Confederate Railroad is definitely a historical group. Danny was signed as a solo act to Atlantic Records. But there were so many new male acts coming out, rather than getting lost in the shuffle, they decided to rename the act as a group. "Since we’d been together for so many years, it was the best of both worlds for us. A songwriter friend in Nashville came up with the name. I liked the ‘Confederate’ because it was somewhat controversial. Coming from the south (Chattanooga) I didn’t want another ‘Dixie this or Southern that’ name. I was living in Kennesaw, GA. at the time. So for the Railroad part, it was a little personal thing. If you’re familiar with Civil War history, the train called The General was hijacked in Kennesaw by the Union and recaptured by the South in Chattanooga. The two cities have been in and out of court for over 100 years now over that train."

Confederate Railroad dares to be different, and I’m sure the jury will be out, judging their new album ‘Rockin’ Country Party Pack’. If you’re in the mood to party, and need a new party anthem, just call your radio station and request "Tonight is Mine!" Of course, after you’ve partied all night, you may need to call and request ‘Jesus and Mama always loved me’, or maybe tell them you need some more ‘Trashy Women’.

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Willie Nelson . . . 
has always been one of the busiest entertainers in the music industry. This year is no different. Not 1, not 2, but 3 new albums to snap up for your Willie collection! ‘Farm Aid volume one Live’, marketed by Redline Entertainment, will donate all net proceeds from sales of the CD to Farm Aid!

‘Six hours at Pedernales’ with special guest Chris Potter from Step One Records, and ‘Tales Out of Luck’ from Luck Records. You can never have too many Willie Nelson album’s on hand. His styles are so versatile, there’s never a dull moment!

Eric Heatherly . . .
doesn’t have much time these days to sit around ‘Countin’ Flowers on the Wall’. ‘Swimmin’ in Champagne’ has kept him busy swimmin’ in success on the charts. The video, which included his beautiful wife Heather, (yes, Heather Heatherly) has him busy trying to chase the men away from his wife. I saw a lot of young ladies chasing Eric down at Fan Fair, so he knows how it feels! He brakes for fans!
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Sign of the Times . . .

Man’s definition of a 50/50 relationship . . .
You cook, he eats . . . You clean, he dirties . . .
You iron clothes . . . He throws ‘em on the floor

Alan Jackson’s ‘Chocolate Meringue Pie’

1 baked pie shell
1 cup sugar 
Dash salt
1 ˝ tbls. Cocoa
2 tbls.flour 
2 egg yolks 
1 cup sweet milk 
1 ˝ tbls. Margarine 
1 tsp. Vanilla

Blend sugar, cocoa, flour, and salt in a small boiler. Add egg yolks (save whites). Add milk gradually cooking over low heat, stirring constantly until thick. Add margarine and vanilla, pour into pie shell.

Meringue: Beat egg whites in metal bowl at highest speed until they begin to stiffen, add 3 large tbls of sugar, beat well, spread over pie filling, bake at 350 until meringue is golden brown

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